Dish Life: The Game

Dish Life: The Game, Build in collaboration with Cambridge University (Delivered to client)

Milo's World

Milo’s World, an augmented reality accompaniment for Stockton Riverside College (Delivered to client)

Pocket Sized Hands Website

Pocket Sized Hands Website developed using Hugo with optimized SEO

Driving Vision

Driving Vision is a VR visualization tool that allows Architects and City Planners to present design options through an immersive and communicative experience. (Delivered to client)

Hypothalamus Hunt

Hypothalamus Hunt is a mobile AR application developer for the University of St. Andrews. (Delivered to client)

Honeypot Espionage

A Multiplayer Stealth VR Game (In Development)

GameDay Live

Football management simulation PVP game. Think Football manger meets Clash Royale.

Pocket Sized Guns

A VR mini game shooter. Inspired by point blank (In Development)

Additive Spectrum

Fast paced room-scale vr game where you must protect your walls for as long as possible

Procedural Generation

Procedural generated terrain using multiple techniques using Directx11

Recent Posts

​ With Apple’s incoming changes to the requirements for use of IDFA and needing to request users permission via App Tracking Transparency popup which is incoming at some point in early 2021. Apps need to start to prepare to the incoming changes. ​ So how do you add a IDFA App Tracking Transparency popup from a Unity app? At the moment there is no build in Unity method that will trigger the notification, There is however a preview package!


As Unity has started to move a lot of their tools and extension into packages within the Package Manager. It would be great if we could host our own re-usable unity packages within it, Well you can! Unity allows you to host your own collection of packages on our own server and have them show up in the package manager. (Note this is only possible from Unity 2018.3) With Unity just using a standard npm package system to host their packages we just need to setup our own server and get Unity to lookup that server for packages at the same time, We can do this but editing the project manifest.


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